Technology for Business Outcomes

Technology for Business Outcomes
Technology for Business Outcomes


Our model cuts out all inefficiency where we focus on outcome with a startup mindset, but with maturity of a successful company.

Best Of Breed

AI/ ML, Deep learning, IoT, Big Data and host of other technology expertise.

Fail Fast

We dare to experiment, but we fail small, we fail fast. This makes our team highly innovative & out of box thinking unit.

Product Mindset

We do it differently by adopting Dev Ops model for any solution delivery and ensure robust and quick outcomes.

Business Focus

Everything we do we always focus on end business outcome. We assure better cost & positive business impact.

Open Source Centric

We promote open source technologies and open to adopt any new technology customer wants.

Host of ready to use solutions for quick time to market

As a venture of SRKay Consulting Group, ScrumStart inherits all the advantage that is provided by the venture company. Access to the best data scientists that made us ‘Most Innovative Company’ for our client within just a few months. The Data Sciences team have been able to provide cutting-edge business solutions that have potential to save millions and give clients distinct competitive advantage. 
We have solved complex business problems using data sciences models that includes price match algorithms for online sales, human behavior prediction to improve sales and productivity, transportation network optimization, pricing recommendation engine, service desk optimization using Bots and much more. More the complex problem, it excites our team the most. With a team of PhDs in Maths and more joining in, we stand out by becoming a predictive support to the business that significantly improves outcomes from the traditional business analytics approach. All of this is made available to the client through the Virtual captive at far lower cost. 

Besides having the awareness about the technologies, it is essential to ask the right questions, for the application of these techniques:
•    How can technology help in reducing capital expenditures?
•    How can technology assist in improving operational efficiency?
•    How quickly can the systems scale, to roll out a new product/service?
•    How much time does it take for a customer to complete a transaction?
•    How can technology help in delivering a more personalized customer experience?
•    How can technology assist in developing a competitive edge?
We at ScrumStart not only excel at state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, DevOps but also strive at keeping the focus on the delivery of the business outcome.


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30-34 New Bridge Street,
London EC4V6BJ (UK)
USA 233 S. Wacker Drive 84th Floor,
IL 60606,
Chicago - USA
FINLAND Malminkaari 23 A, 2nd floor,
00700 Helsinki,
MUMBAI B/1202, The Capital, G Block,
Bandra (East) Bandra,
Mumbai City ( INDIA )
SURAT W04A, G&J Park, 
Surat - India
BENGALURU 1st Floor, Mascot 90,No. 80,
EPIP Industrial Area, Block-II Whitefield,
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Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune (INDIA)
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World Trade Center,Kharadi,
Pune 411014,Maharashtra – India

In The Media

Helsinki, London and Chicago, May 10, 2018: ScrumStart; a two-year-old technolo

ScrumStart received the ‘Startup Excellence Award’ at the 11th Indira International Innovation Summit & HR Awards 2018 on 23r