CIO and Transparency

‘They have been our partners for more than seven years, and they seem to take us for granted.’ ‘They hide,’ ‘We have no access’, ‘They want us to give them full control and ask no questions’, ‘We find them resisting everything we plan to do our way’.

Ultimate CIO Guide to Cost Saving and Growth

Reduction of budget and demand to do more with less has off late become the job description of a CIO than just remaining an annual phenomenon that used to be triggered by the budget. Almost every established corporates today look cost reduction as their top five key focus area every year.

5 Strategies

"A budget is not just a collection of numbers but an expression of our values and aspirations." The famous quote by Jacob Lew is the way a CFO defines the budget cuts every year. The CIO, however, faces ever-increasing business ambitions with an ever reducing budget.

There were many pains, but this one was unexpected!

When we finished dinner with one of my potential customers, we had no discussion of business whatsoever. Let’s call the customer Harry for the sake of simplicity. We were chatting outside the restaurant waiting for our cars to arrive. It was just then Harry asked me something that was very much unexpected.

Why ScrumStart “Virtual Captive” Can Be Even Better than Starting Your Own Captive of DIY Model

With more than 1300 IT Captives and the number only increasing, India stands out as the most preferred IT captive location for global corporations.

Trust Business Excellence Model

DIY (Do It Yourself) is fast catching up with global corporations who have been a cash cow for IT Companies globally. While only the big moves make it to the headlines, a regular shift from IT companies to company-owned IT captives (that originally started as an exception) are increasing in pace, much to the worry of almost all IT majors.

The Ultimate CFO Guide to Invest in a Virtual Captive with ZERO Capex

My experience in dealing with CFOs of large corporations has taught me few golden rules. CFOs are too busy to discuss every detail what goes in the captive; they look for numbers that are compelling but are equally keen on the strategic thinking that goes behind the proposal of creating a captive.

Fixed or Transparent Pricing for Technology Services

A research done by ScrumStart concludes that while customers do not have significant dissatisfaction to a fixed $/hr pricing model globally, however, they would love to get transparent pricing. This verdict is unanimous amongst all customers cutting across the geographies.

Strategic Importance of Automation for GICs

Automation is one of the most important trends that is rapidly taking over enterprises across several industries. This trend has already started to impact many businesses across the globe including numerous GIC’s.


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In The Media

Helsinki, London and Chicago, May 10, 2018: ScrumStart; a two-year-old technolo

ScrumStart received the ‘Startup Excellence Award’ at the 11th Indira International Innovation Summit & HR Awards 2018 on 23r